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Creativity doesn’t punch a time card

For a while now, I’ve struggled with ‘appropriate’ time to write, or the ‘right’ time to create. I’ve come to the realization that there never is the perfect time or the right time or the best time or a time to not pursue an opportunity. Creativity knows no boundaries and can come to you anytime or anywhere or with anyone. Connecting with talented individuals through Linkedin, Facebook, Skype and Twitter has brought new energy into my career that I would have never gotten by sitting around waiting for something to happen to me. A discussion with an illustrator has led to the development of a sci fi short film and full length feature film. A comment on Linkedin has connected me to a dynamic director ( in San Diego)  and passionate freelance producer ( in the UK) to co-produce an unscripted TV dating show. Casual conversations on and offline have brought me the strength and encouragement to produce a unique unscripted history show, write a screenplay set in 1961 Berlin and explore a show about a momma and son exploring the many delicious flavors of beers. The universe provides the direction if you are always open to it.

I’ve had the most clarity and vision while running or weight lifting and if I had a way to record it right there and then I would-usually a one word clue has to suffice until I can get my fingers on a keyboard to pound out a paragraph or two to revisit at a later date. (Evernote.com or Scrivener are GREAT for both note taking and screen writing). Be open. Take risks. Stick your neck out. Nobody ever gets anywhere by playing it safe.


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One thought on “Creativity doesn’t punch a time card

  1. My experience has been that creativity flourishes when the conscious mind relaxes enough to allow the subconscious to slip through. That’s why just before going to bed or just before getting up often are idea-generating moments. Or showering, running, sanding wood… whatever. It’s probably why so many artists took (take) drugs. They instinctively know it’s one way to subvert the conscious mind. Not recommending that in any way – too many negatives to justify the positive. But meditation may work, too. It’s all about being open.

    Posted by Hank | September 12, 2011, 4:34 pm

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